Presenter who delivers With poise, pragmatism, Warmth and Excitement

Dr. Sylvia Hollins weaves exemplary, thriving collaborations in our local community, the surrounding public schools, and nationally, as a DEI trainer. While serving as a faculty member in the inaugural Gandhi-King Scholarly Exchange Initiative, her contributions to our leadership curriculum were vital. As a presenter, she delivers with notable poise, pragmatism, warmth, and excitement – a strikingly balanced combination.

Dr. Joy J. Burnham, Ph.D.,

University of Alabama

“Incredibly Inspirational and Voluntary Brand Ambassador…”

It has been a great privilege and honor to meet Sylvia. She has an incredibly inspirational and voluntary Brand Ambassador for my feature documentary AHIMSA- Gandhi: The Power of the Powerless, in the USA. I am hoping her infectious enthusiasm and commitment to the core message of the film, will help find the film a distribution platform and an audience that will resonate with the message of Non-Violence and its relevance for our times.

#WokeWork4SC, A Truly Inspirational Movement!

As a school counselor it is always refreshing to see other professionals acknowledge our hard work. Dr. Austin-Hollins is phenomenal at doing just that. I had the pleasure to hear her speak and learn more about #wokework4sc a truly inspirational movement. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us! Looking forward to many more visits!

Brisa Verdugo, School Counseling Training Attendee, Tucson Unified School District