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Dr. Sylvia Austin-Hollins, Ph.D, ALC, PSC

Assoc. Licensed Counselor | Consultant | Trainer | Educator

Dr. Sylvia Austin-Hollins holds a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Alabama’s Department of Educational Studies in Psychology, Research Methodology, and Counseling. Dr. Austin-Hollins, who holds initial licensure as a counselor and full certification as a Professional School Counselor, has over a decade of experience in private and community based practice, as well as service to both the K-12 and University populations. She also received her certification as a Consultant from Harvard University’s College of Continuing Studies. Her concentration of research, teaching, counseling and advocacy includes: counseling individuals and families from minority populations, economic and racial justice, equity advocacy, and equipping leaders to engage in creating opportunities for all communities to succeed.

Celebrated as an exciting, empathetic, energetic communicator, Sylvia has extensive experience as a trauma, equity and racial justice trainer providing seminars, workshops, and professional development for educators, law enforcement, school counselors and leaders all over the country. As a DEI strategist and racial equity consultant, she has created and facilitated equity conversations and audits for individuals and organizations. She also designs curriculum around such topics as well.

​Sylvia’s greatest fulfillment comes from embracing every opportunity to explore (wander 😀), engage and learn within worldwide communities and cultures. Her dream for the future (the WHY behind her relentless pursuit of justice and advocacy) is that one day, her…


“…four little children will be judged, not by the color of their skin

but by the content of their character.”

-MLK, Jr.

{Pictured holding Dr. Momsies:

Champ, Jonathan, Olivia and Austin}